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The Construction Safety Regulations 2006 require the Client Company to appoint a Project Supervisor Design Process to oversee health and safety throughout the design & planning process, including alterations in the design, and the design of temporary works, which means that involvement right up until completion of the project is necessary on new construction projects. Olive Safety is completely involved in each of the safety elements below:

Design Process Safety

Throughout the design process, including alterations to the design, provision is made to eliminate or reduce potential hazards resulting in improved safety performance for construction stage and future maintenance and construction works.

Health and Safety Plan

The Safety Plan prepared by Olive Safety provides a detailed risk assessment of the project and enables the PSCS and Contractor to implement an effective construction safety plan in advance of starting work on site and so reducing the potential for accidents and losses during construction.

Safety File

The Safety File is a key document intended for the safety of end users of the building or those who will extend or maintain the building in future and is effect the building maintenance manual for the completed project. As part of their duties as PSDP, Olive Safety takes delivery of the file from the PSCS and reviews the file for delivery to the client.


The role of Olive Safety in the project supervisor construction stage (PSCS) is to manage and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the construction stage. The PSCS is appointed before the construction work begins and remains in that position until all construction work on the project is completed. Olive Safety is completely involved in each of the safety elements below:

Construction Stage Safety Plan

The PSCS shall prepare for commencement of work on the construction site by, collecting information and documentation from participating contractors and sub contractors in order to identify hazards, document the elimination of the hazards or the reduction of risks during construction and develop the safety and health plan initially prepared by the PSDP before construction commences. The HSA will be notified before construction commences where construction is likely to take more than 500 person days or 30 working days.

Organisation on Site

The co-ordination and the implementation of the construction regulations by contractors in addition to organising the co-operation between contractors with the provision of information. This includes such duties as co-ordination of the reporting of accidents to the Authority, the appointment of a site safety representative where applicable, ensure that craft, general construction workers and security workers have a Safety Awareness cards, e.g. Safe Pass and a Construction Skills card where required and appoint a safety adviser where there are more than 100 on site.

Project Safety Management

Monitor the compliance of contractors and others and take corrective action where necessary; notify the Authority and the client of non-compliance with written directions issued; provide all necessary safety file information to the PSDP; the PSCS may issue directions to designers or contractors.