Fireworks are beautiful to look at, especially over the Halloween week, but if they fall into the wrong hands, or if there are technical malfunctions, patriotic displays can go horribly wrong, sometimes with deadly consequences.   

Halloween firework is an annual tradition, but carelessness made it’s an annual headache that sets their teeth on edge and sends their pets cowering.

As many houses burned and Dogs killed in the street due to fireworks being set off, the Dublin Fire Brigade warned the public to stay safe with Fireworks to avoid the serious accidents happened in the last year and for not to spoil the fun in this Halloween. They also gave special fire safety awareness for schoolchildren how to safely handle Fireworks properly and safety tips during a bonfire without causing any accidents and serious injuries. 

ISPCA gave specific advice for the pet owners to ensure the pet is microchipped and they have ID tags for easy identification in the crowd. Also, they can notify to ISPCA in case If you witness animal cruelty during Halloween. 

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