The risk of fire is one of the greatest and simplest dangers to occur in the workplace. It has the capability to injure and even kill large numbers of people within a short space of time. It is extremely important for employers and employees to be fire safety aware.
Firstly, fires need three present elements to start and spread; heat, oxygen and fuel. The misuse of electrical appliances is one of the main contributing factors of fire occurrence along with loitering. Flammable and combustible materials pose a hazard for fire in the workplace. These include flammable paint, liquids, chemicals and the build-up of rubbish. All materials that create a hazard in the workplace should be stored and disposed of correctly in order to maintain a safe workplace.
Faulty electrics are the biggest cause of workplace fires, loose wires and plugs that are over loaded and old equipment can all make for a potential death trap. Every workplace is legally obliged to take good care of any electrical equipment.
Negligence is caused by proper procedures not being followed, or a member of staff undertaking an activity known as a potential fire hazard. Such instances are easily avoided and staff training on the dangers of certain areas within the workplace cannot be underestimated. Another common reason for fires in the workplace is down to human error, accidents such as knocking liquid onto electrical equipment, burning food in the kitchen or spilling flammable or combustible liquids.
Common examples of negligence include stacking or partially covering electrical equipment that requires air, improperly storing flammable items and the failure to follow correct precautions for the handling of substances. The incorrect disposal of matches and cigarettes is another way of starting a fire. Fortunately, fires from smoking can be easily prevented by providing designated smoking areas in the workplace and educating all staff on the matter.
Workplace fires in Ireland have increase by 13%. The figures show that the Fire Services were called to 1,767 workplace fires in 2015, compared with 1,522 in 2014. We here at Olive Safety recommend people to enroll in our online fire safety training course in order to further their knowledge on the subject.
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