Fire safety issues in Dublin are common in many apartment buildings built during the boom. It is really important to get a fire safety certifications were conversed by the local administration based on projects presented before the development is ever built. 

What Causes Most Apartment Fires?

  • Cooking/kitchen fires
  • Heating appliances such as heaters, stoves, or space heaters.
  • Smoking is a major cause of fatal apartment fires.


Every building structure, including apartment buildings, must comply with certain legal requirements regarding fire safety in Ireland. Fire safety is very important and everyone's responsibility to avoid unexpected injuries. Every resident should plan to be a fire safety plan in their apartment. Fire safety management includes the maintenance of all fire safety devices and systems within the building including for example, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, ventilation systems, fire doors etc. Since most "high-rise" buildings are constructed of fire-resistant materials and contain closed stairwells, fires are generally confined to individual rooms or apartments, furnishings, or possibly one floor. If you intend ahead and train fire drills, your possibilities of survival are considerably increased. Those responsible for all these aspects of fire safety should be readily identifiable and relevant contact details should be known to homeowners and prominently displayed at the development.