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Safety Reps 2 Days (Virtual Training)

Safety Reps 2 Days (Virtual Training)

Safety Reps 2 Days (Virtual Training)

The Safety Reps is a 2 days Olive safety accredited course will help the participant to promote and maintain safety and health in the workplace. The Safety Representative Course outlines the roles and functions of a Health and Safety Representative.

Capacity: Max 8

Valid: 3 Years

The modules covered during the course include:

  • Safety and health legal system
  • Role of the safety representative and safety committee members in the safety consultation
  • Communication skills for the safety representative and safety committee
  • Hazard identification and carrying out risk assessments
  • Interpreting and implementing the safety statement
  • Carrying out safety and health inspections
  • Sources of safety and health information
  • Risk control and safety and health management at work

The learner will be able to

  • understand the concept of workplace Health and Safety
  • be familiar with core legislation in the area of safety, health and Welfare
  • understand and gain basic competence in hazard identification and risk assessment
  • recognise the factors influencing workplace health, safety and welfare
  • apply Health & Safety principles and procedures in the workplace
  • promote a safety culture in the workplace.
  • Accreditation: Olive Safety certification with 3 years validity