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Infection Control Bundle

Infection Control Bundle

Infection Control Bundle

Infection prevention and control course + Hand Hygiene Course

In light of the recent pandemic, Our Infection control bundle has all the necessary information you require to prevent/control infections.It is designed to equip you with  essential hand hygiene knowledge, industry best practices, such as why hand hygiene is so important, when to perform hand hygiene procedures, and the correct hand washing technique. 

Infection prevention and control course

  • Course content
  • What microorganisms are and how they operate
  • How infections spread and how people contract blood-borne diseases
  • Importance of hand hygiene
  • When PPE should be worn
  • How to clean and decontaminate areas and equipment properly
  • How to clean bodily fluids correctly
  • How to dispose of healthcare waste sufficiently


Hand Hygiene Course

The Olive Hand Hygiene learning modules have been developed to increase knowledge regarding hand hygiene practices as effective hand hygiene is the single most important strategy in preventing Infections.

This course talks about Procedures for preventing and dealing with infections.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to prevent and deal with infections