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Abrasive Wheels Training

Here is why you need it.

Working with Grinders? Here’s why you NEED Abrasive Wheels training.

Correct training is an essential part of any job. Lacking accurate skills and knowledge of our daily tasks and surrounding equipment, can prove to be dangerous and in some cases, fatal. Here at Olive Safety we aspire to educate and train clients to the highest degree to prevent any accidents or fatalities from occurring within the workplace. The excessive use of abrasive wheels within the construction industry makes it one of the most widely used tools in the world. Therefore, it is vital for you to be equipped with a full understanding of the commonly found tool, to arm yourself with the basic safety principles surrounding abrasive wheels.

In June 2015 Ireland ranked just above the EU average in relation to the number of fatal accidents at work in the same year. Cork was the most dangerous place to work, where a total of nine deaths occurred in that county. Dublin was next with eight deaths and following closely behind were Tipperary with seven work-related fatalities and Donegal which accounted for six. Manual handling-related injuries continue to account for about one-third of all non-fatal injuries reported to the HSA in 2015. Today, Ireland still ranks above average. We plan on changing that with our training.


Source: Independent

The objective of this training course is driven towards user competence and the practise of safe workplace manoeuvres. A greater understanding of the current Irish legislation and personal safety will be achieved by those who choose to get involved with us. All employers are obligated by law to provide their staff with sufficient Health and Safety training, in particular those who operate an abrasive wheel.

If you regularly work with con saws, bench grinders, or angle grinders, then we strongly advise you to partake in this life changing course, where you could save not only your own life or someone else’s life. This training is complete within just two days and will stand to you for the rest of your life.

Make a difference and chose Olive Safety Abrasive Wheels training course.