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Improve your employability

By taking health and safety training courses

How taking these training courses can improve your employability

Every work environment occupies a certain amount of danger and the ability to recognise such dangers and take action, shows capability. A large percentage of employees neglect health and safety training based on the assumption that their line of work does not involve risk. However, this is not the case, ranging from handling heavy machinery in big manufacturing companies to manually handling packages and liquids, there are different levels of exposure to risk and illness. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) often pose greater threat to employees as the fatality rate is twice that of a large enterprise.

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A business or company that is compliant with the HSE is viewed favourably, therefore eliminating difficulties in finding the best labour out there. Workers want to know what they stand to gain from a company in regards their benefits and salaries, while also wanting to know your plan for their health and safety.

Employing the most skilled labour is made a lot easier in a business that shows commitment to health and safety. It can also reduce your susceptibility to fines and litigation. Claims can fall flat when the business has taken care of their own duties.

Last year saw fatalities within the workplace drop by 20% along with the rate of injuries which has reduced enormously since 2013.

An employee with completed Health and Safety training is more often than not viewed as a productive and confident employee of a company. A staff member who experiences back, hand or wrist ache as a result of sitting at a computer or through the practise of manual handling may obtain the confidence, knowledge or awareness to raise it as an issue. Instead, they may suffer in silence and therefore reduce productivity by working more slowly than usual, with more unofficial breaks to manage the pain.


Obtaining the necessary training upon commencing at a new company and role will not only improve your health and safety within the work environment but also result in a reduction in absenteeism.

These short training courses can be completed both online and in a training classroom to suit individual needs. To better your career opportunities get in contact with Olive Safety to sign up today.