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Manual Handling injuries rising to €3.8 Million per case

Manual Handling injuries rising to €3.8 Million per case

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A case study undertaken by the HSA has found that the average annual cost of workplace injuries to Irish business lies at around €52,000, and can rise up to and above €3.8 million per case.This figure excludes productivity losses in most cases.

The Health and Safety Authority have suggested that approximately one third of all reported work-related incidents are caused by improper manual handling. These accidents occur most commonly in the wholesale and retail industries where 47% of all injuries are attributed to manual handling related injuries. The manufacturing sector sees 40% of injuries relating to MH, while health and social care is as high as 38%. Stress or strain to the back and neck are particularly frequent.

In a study carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) work-related injuries were reported to have affected 47,000 workers on average in Ireland between 2001 and 2012. An additional 48,000 people suffered from a work-related illness the report shows.

During the Celtic Tiger the risk of injury and illness rose only to fall during the subsequent economic recession. This same trend was recorded in the US and UK at the time. This was attributed by the ESRI to an unprecedented number of inexperienced and untrained staff entering the workforce at such a fast rate. The Irish Times reported that working hours and occupational stress were at a record high while workers were also more reluctant to report injuries or illness due to job insecurity.

With the economy on the rise and more and more people reentering the workforce it is important that training standards are maintained and that all new and existing employees are kept up to date with protocols and current legislation. As stated by the HSE the cost of insufficient training can severely affect your company’s reputation and bottom line while fully trained and qualified staff can save lives.

Any upskilling and health and safety training can be provided to every member of staff at an cost and time effective way with a training provider and a robust LMS to keep track of training records. For more information on how you can provide a safer environment for all your staff contact Olive Safety here.