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Luas Worker Saves a Life With First Aid Training

Luas Worker Saves a Life With First Aid Training

first aid saves lives

When a man collapsed at a Luas stop in the early hours of the morning Luas worker, Joe Kearney and his colleague Liam McCabe ran to his aid. By the time Joe arrived he says the man had already stopped breathing, and so, for around ten minutes the pair performed CPR  keeping the man alive until paramedics arrived to take over. Joe told reporters at the time that “even when the paramedics came we kept going while they set up their equipment because it is vital to keep the blood flowing. They then took over and thank God he was breathing again by the time they put him in the ambulance and we were told later he was doing OK.”

Joe recently completed a first aid refresher with us here at Olive Safety while Liam is a former St. John’s Ambulance Volunteer. All of our trainers here couldn’t be happier to see Joe’s training pay off with such a positive outcome. First aid training is something that anyone can get involved in and as we have seen through Joe and Liam’s fast actions, this training saves lives.

To learn more about the benefits of First Aid training you can read our article How First Aid Training Can Benefit Your Career. If you are interested in taking a First Aid training course we run daily classes just check out our calendar  or contact us today.