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The Importance Of Being SafePass Trained

Construction workers are bound by law to hold a valid Safe Pass card for a Health and Safety perspective. It is so important that workers in construction obtain a basic knowledge of health and safety. All workers should have the confidence of being able to work on-site without being a risk to themselves or others around them, who might be affected by acts or omissions. This is only achieved by successfully completing certified Safe Pass training. From a health and safety perspective, construction workers are bound by law to hold a valid Safe Pass card.

The Safe Pass Health and Safety Awareness Training Programme has been created to combat work injury and fatalities from occurring.  The Aims of the programme are focused mainly around health and safety awareness, while the benefits include an improved safety culture.shutterstock_569159842

In June 2015 Ireland ranked just above the EU average in relation to the number of fatal accidents at work in the same year. Cork was the most dangerous place to work, where a total of nine deaths occurred in that county. Dublin was next with eight deaths and following closely behind were Tipperary with seven work-related fatalities and Donegal which accounted for six. Workplace accidents are real and irreversible.

Safe Pass reduces the chances and risks of you endangering yourself or a co-worker within the workplace. Take the precautionary steps and sign up for a Safe Pass training course. Upon completion of this course, successful participants will receive a SOLAS safe pass card which is valid for a period of 4 years. Thereafter course refreshment is required. To sign up for this amazing short term offer visit our website at, call us on  014111011 or you can also email us on