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The Importance Of Adequate Training When Working With Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

The relevance of MEWP training

The Importance Of Adequate Training When Working With Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

MEWP is an overall name for powered access platforms which can refer to any type of Mobile Elevating Work Platform. When working with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) it is important you ensure the platform is safe and well maintained for the safety and wellbeing of its operators.

Working at heights is one of the leading causes for causality and deaths on construction sites. These accidents occur when operators become trapped (often between the basket and a fixed structure), when the vehicle overturns, from a fall, or during a collision, either with pedestrians, overhead cables or nearby vehicles.


Measures have been put in place in a bid to reduce risks and injuries from occurring within the workplace environment. For example, all hazards posed by MEWPs must be monitored according to The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Further efforts in the form of precautions by the HSE were imposed such as; ground conditions, confined overhead working, falling objects, weather and handling materials which can be contributing factors to injury. However, the HSE insist that most significant MEWP dangers arise from operation and use of the machine rather than from their movement as a site vehicle, highlighting the importance and need for MEWP training.


This course provided by Olive Safety will provide you with the knowledge and skills that is required to enable safe operations on a Mobile Elevated Work Platform and insure the safety of all operators and any other person working with or near the MEWP. Upon successful completion of this course, members will be able to instruct the operator to prepare and safely operate types of MEWPs and operate these vehicles themselves safely. To sign up for this amazing short term offer visit our website at, or call us on  014111011 or you can also email us on