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How to get free Forklift training

How to get free Forklift training

Forklift training

Reverting back to a previous topic we covered on how to get a free Safe Pass which you can read right here.
This week we tackle the issue of how to get a free forklift training course. Struggling to find work? well, a government assisted grant can be a great way to get yourself back into the job market. If you are currently unemployed and interested in training for a forklift qualification, Intreo might be able to provide a training grant of up to €500 euros.

Who are Intreo and how can they help?
Intreo are a new organisation set up as part of the Department of Social protection. Intreo is the government’s singular point of contact for dealing with back to work support and financial grants. Learn more about Intreo by visiting

Am I eligible for a training support grant?
The purpose of the scheme is to provide quick funding for short-term back to education and training courses, grants are in place so that all members of society can engage in a career change. Funding will be made available to job-seekers who have identified job opportunities or those that have been identified for them. For unemployed candidates meeting government criteria, a grant of up €500 euros can be made available for training or re-education purposes. It is important to note that the grant fee of €500 can only be paid out once every 12 month period regardless of interest in additional courses or training.

Why should I choose an Olive accreditation?
At our specially built training facility, we offer forklift courses catering to all levels of ability from novice to experienced. Available at a choice of prices starting from just €475. At Olive Safety we are one of the first in Ireland to offer RTITB accreditation, RTITB are the UK’s leading health and safety organisation with over 41 years of industry experience and knowledge standing behind it. Read all about the benefits of an RTITB accreditation right here.

Where can I get information?
Finding a course that’s the right fit can be a difficult process if you’re unsure about what training would suit you best. Why not arrange a meeting and speak to your local employment office where they can provide professional guidance and discuss all available options. Find your local employment office by clicking on the link below and select your region.

Visit our website
Visit our website and have a look through some of the wide variety of available courses and training options.

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