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How To Get a Free SafePass

How To Get A Free Safe Pass

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Did you know you can get a free safe pass? Whether you’re training or updating your skills, further education can be a costly experience. To encourage equal opportunities in the community there are many different routes available for financial assistance when seeking further education. One such route is the Department of Social Protection, a government department set-up to encourage equal opportunities in society. You might be unaware of some of the benefits and allowances provided to individuals looking for further education and training. This quick guide will give you an insight into securing financial support for a Safe Pass course.

Why do I need a Safe Pass?
A Safe Pass is a qualification that allows an individual to operate on a construction site, the training teaches safe working practices around others and is delivered over the course of one day.

Who should pay for my Safe Pass?
It is important to note that your employer is obliged to pay for your Safe Pass under section 10, 25 & 26 of Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005. You are not legally required to refund the cost of a Safe Pass when leaving your employment unless you are contractually obligated to do so.

How long will my Safe Pass be valid for?
4 years.

Who are Intreo?
Intreo is a new organisation set up by the Department of Social Protection providing support for jobseekers and employers alike.The organisation has become the single point of contact when dealing with all employment funding.

How can Intreo help me get a Safe Pass?
If you are unemployed and have been offered a job requiring a valid Safe Pass qualification yet you are unable to fund the cost of the training yourself, your local employment office through the help of Intreo may be able to help you.
By contacting your local office, they will give you an appointment where you will be able to discuss your available options. Your case officer will approach each situation differently and will examine your current means and employment status.

Find your local employment office
Finding a course that’s the right fit can be a difficult process if you’re unsure about what training would suit you best. Why not arrange a meeting and speak to your local employment office where they can provide professional guidance and discuss all available options.
Find you local employment office by clicking on the link below and select your region.

Am I eligible for a training support grant?
The purpose of the scheme is to prove quick funding for short-term back to education and training courses. Funding will be made available to jobseekers who have identified job opportunities or those that will suite them.

How much can I receive for my training?
You will be entitled to a maximum of €500 per every 12 months, thereafter that period additional funding can become available. It is important to note that €500 in a year is the maximum that can be allowed to any one candidate, regardless of other course interest.

What is the selection process?
A candidate’s application will be selected provided they meet the following criteria:
Training providers will be required to submit quotations for the full amount. The Case Officer should advise the job seeker of the grant amount available.
All applications/referrals for support must be made via a case officer.
Customer should provide a quotation from a provider for the measure for which funding is sought. The quoted cost of the measures should be compared to a list of costs maintained in the division to ensure that costs are in line with expectation and to ensure best value for money is being achieved. Case officer should also consider the location of the course and distance the customer has to travel.

How will payment be made
Payment will be made only after a participant has attended his or her chosen course, and will be made directly to the training organisation.

Training and support grant
There is a vast array of training courses available through your local Education and Training Board (ETB). The first step in finding a course that is right for you can be done by contacting your local Employment Services Office to register and apply for training. Your employment office will run through all your available options and set you up on the right track towards further training.
For more information on avilable grants and other a back to education schemes visit for a more indept look at what’s on offer.
For details on the next upcoming Safe Pass course contact our knowledgeable sales team at Olive Safety (014111011).