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Safety in Irish businesses. They key statistics reviewed.

Safety in Irish businesses. The key statistics reviewed.

Health and Safety training is fast becoming one of the most important issues for companies Health and Safety Statistics Reviewedthroughout Europe. But how do Irish companies stack up? Figures from the European Union’s statistics office, Eurostat, suggest that Irish workplaces have almost 50% more fatal accidents than the european average.

As a man the risk increases, as over 78% of all non-fatal accidents at work and a staggering 19 out of 20 fatal accidents involve men. High risk activities include agriculture, transport and construction.
Despite these figures many companies and industries have yet to adopt adequate safeguards and up to date safety training.

Many employees put their trust in their employer to keep them safe and to put in place procedures and precautions to ensure that they return home at the end of the working day. Unfortunately the safety procedures in place in many workplaces are outdated and insufficient which puts workers at risk of severe illness and potentially fatal accidents.

According to the HSA slips, trips and falls account for the second highest accident rate in the workplace with over 1400 accidents a year. 24% of these accidents led to over one month in absences.
Accidents and illness at work are not, however, confined to physical maiming and injury but can also include psychological trauma. A total of 1.8 million working days were lost in 2012 and the most common forms of work-related illness reported were musculoskeletal problems and stress, anxiety and depression.

Every workplace is required by law to provide a safe working environment this is done through Identification of hazards in the workplace, assessment of those risks, implementing control measures, writing up a safety statement, and performing reviews of this safety statement on a regular basis.

Both employer and employees have a duty to ensure that their workplace is safe for themselves and those around them. Anyone can be held liable for negligence leading to the reduced safety of employees and the public. To reduce the risks in your workplace you can enroll in one of our accredited online or practical training courses. To find out more you can contact us here.