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Are you exposed to a PC on regular basis?

Here’s why you need to undertake VDU training.

Are you exposed to a PC on regular basis? Here’s why you need to undertake VDU training.

What is VDU?

Visual Display Unit (more frequently known as VDU) is proving to be an increasingly important part of Health & Safety. There is an increase in claims relating to ‘repetitive strain injury (RSI)’ at the VDU workstation, any person who uses a PC in their daily duties and those involved in manual handling duties.  This strain is experienced in muscles, tendons and other soft tissues primarily in the upper half of the body due to the repetitive movement and overuse of body parts such as shoulders, neck and wrist. According to the Irish Health Service Executive every 1 in 50 workers who carry out frequent duties with computers or manual handling suffer from RSI.


What benefit would this training be to you?

Many repetitive strain injuries or work related limb disorders are not sudden but cumulative; therefore you may suffer from it in the near future.  By law, employers have a legal duty to prevent work-related RSI which is why undertaken this course is of massive importance with regards to both your health and working ability. Having completed the training you and/or your employees will be educated on the general use of VDU equipment along with a deeper understanding into the implications of poor posture at VDU workstations that you may have been exposed to prior to the training.  This will lead to you having a much more positive and comfortable experience within your workplace, without having to worry of possible damage you may be exposing yourself to.


At Olive Safety we understand the busy work schedule and priorities that people occupy, therefore this course is also available to take online. You will also be an expert on all Health and Safety aspects of VDU within just two months from the day you book the course with us.

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