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Working at Heights

Course details
When working at heights it is vital that staff have been correctly trained, ensuring against any avoidable accident or injury. The aim of this course is to reduce the possibility of any accidents, injuries or falls. It is a legal obligation for all employees working at heights to have undergone proper training by a certified instructor. Failure to provide staff with protection will result in employer liability. Attendees will learn all the core principles surrounding working at heights, such as planning ahead, risk assessment, safe practice and much more.

Who should attend
Anyone working at heights involved in using scaffolding and/or ladders, roofing.

The legislation relevant to Working at Heights.
Measures to be taken before and during work at a height.
How to carry out risk assessments for working at height.
The correct Personal Protective Equipment for working at height.
The injuries that can occur when not working safely.
Recognising hazardous situations

To attend this course you will need:
PPS Number / Social Security Number.
Two passport size photos.
A stamped envelope with your address.
Good level of English.

Course modules
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007
Activities while working at heights
Risk assessment while working at heights
Gear inspection
Ladder awareness and safety
Scaffolding safety
Requirements for work platforms
Correct ladder storage
Weak surfaces
Fall prevention
Course summary

Upon completion of this course, successful participants will receive Olive certification valid for a period or 3 years, accredited by SOLAS.

Duration :½ Day