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HACCP Level 1&2
The HACCP level 1&2 food hygiene course provides candidates with the essential knowledge required to engage in food preparation and sale. A level of basic food hygiene is required when serving or selling food to the public.Broken down into two sections, level 1 provides basic entry level knowledge of food preparation, hygiene and hazards. Proceeding to level 2 participants receive a more in-depth look at food hygiene approached from a kitchen management perspective.

Who should attend
Any individual involved in food preparation, or management staff with responsibilities in food safety, hospitals, restaurants, childcare.

Current legislation regarding food hygiene.
Good practices and meeting food hygiene standards.
Best practice and meeting food hygiene standards
How to avoid food poisoning and cross contamination.

To attend this course you will need
PPS Number / Social Security Number.
Two passport size photos.
A stamped envelope with your address.
Good level of English.

Course modules
What is HACCP
National hygiene scheme
Irish codes of practices
What causes cross contamination
High risk and low risk activities
Purpose of food hygiene
Waste management
Pest control
Food poisoning , bacteria and contamination
Personal cleanliness

Upon completion of this course, successful participants will receive Olive certification and will fully meet the requirements of Irish H&S legislation regarding food safety.