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Fire safety awareness

Fire can pose the greatest risk to human life, destroying all that stands in its path. Unlike other workplace safety concerns, it has the potential to do huge amounts of damage in a short period of time. The aim of this course is to inform and educate about the correct emergency action to take in a blaze. Participants will learn proactive measures in fire prevention and the correct identification of extinguishers and fire fighting equipment.

Under both the 1981 Fire Services Act and Regulation 8 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 your business is required by law to provide staff with adequate fire safety training. This course will cover all the fundamental elements of fire safety and prevention.

Who should attend
All employees, managers, employers or any individual concerned with fire safety awareness.

Identification of potential fire hazards in the workplace.
The correct course of action to take in the event of a fire.
Understanding the scientific principles that create fire.
Fire safety legislation employer’s responsibilities.

To attend this course you will need
PPS Number/Social Security Number.
Two passport size photos.
A stamped envelope with your address.
Good level of English.

Course modules
Course objectives
Fire Safety legislation
Fire Triangle
Chemistry of fire
Development and spread of fire
Action in the event of a fire
Means of raising the alarm, evacuation process
Tackling the fire and assisting the fire brigade
Role of the fire warden

Upon completion of this course, successful participants will receive Olive certification in Fire Safety which is valid for a period of 1 year. Thereafter course refreshment is required.

Duration: ½ day
Max: 14