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Basic First Aid

Basic 1 Day First Aid Course
Our 1-day basic first  aid course has been designed to cover all the core principles of First Aid.It is delivered through a mix of multi-media information and practical hands-on instruction. Participants will come away with a basic medical understanding of the human anatomy, along with practical life-saving skills.The Basic 1 day First Aid qualification attained will allow candidates to operate within the workplace as a designated First Aider.

Who should attend
Any individual requiring a basic knowledge of First Aid.

An ability to deal with a first aid emergency.
Provide necessary treatment to injured persons.
To show understanding and demonstration of life save techniques.

Course modules
Role of a First Aider
Head injuries
Recovery position
Concussions and unconsciousness
Patient approach and examination
Burns and scalds
Stopping bleeding and dressing wounds
Shocks and fainting
Asphyxia and blocked airpath
Circulatory system
Fractures, sprains and dislocations

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive Olive certification valid for a period of two years. Thereafter course refreshment is required.

Duration: 1 Day