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Asbestos Awareness

Course Details
The Asbestos awareness course has been designed to teach candidates about the inherent dangers from contact with asbestos fibers. Often through work asbestos material can be disturbed causing fibers to become airborne and released into the atmosphere. These harmful particles can later on cause serious damage to the respiratory system ultimately leading to death.



This category A course will provide you with;

The understanding and knowledge needed to avoid unnecessary risks when working in a potential asbestos environment.

This course is taken online allowing participants to move at a learning pace that suits them. Course material can be completed in more than one sitting if so wished. Our material is SCORM compliant meaning courses can be competed on smartphone, tablets or PC.

UKATA is an international safety awareness certification that is recognised on both UK and Irish shores, valid for a period of 12 months. In all this course should take a total of 90 minutes to complete.

Who should attend
Any individual working in an environment where asbestos may still be prevalent.

Understanding of asbestos use.
Legal obligations when working with asbestos.
Show the various associated health risks.

To attend this course you will need
PPS Number / Social Security Number.
Two passport size photos.
A stamped envelope with your address.
Good level of English.

Course modules
Categorisation of asbestos types
Monitoring Asbestos and exposure levels.
Legal requirements
Examples of case studies

Upon successful completion of this course,participants will receive UKATA Asbestos awareness certification valid for one 1 year. Thereafter course refreshment will be required.