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4 Top Tips for a Stress Free Work Week

4 Top Tips for a Stress Free Work Week

Stress can be a main contributor to workplace accidents and illness. Lack of concentration and related health problems are very common so we’ve dedicated this week to a stress free work week guide.
With the good weather starting at the weekend we’re sure work is the last place anyone wants to be so not only will these tips help to keep you stress free and safe at work they’ll also help you to improve productivity and get out on time. No more late nights in a stuffy office. So here’s a recap of all our top tips this week.

Top Tip No.1 De-clutter.
Clutter around your work area can cause you to be unfocused and can make you less productive. This has a knock on effect as your workload increases and you may stay later, struggle to meet deadlines and with the weather starting to improve nobody wants to be stuck inside. Another great thing about decluttering your workplace is the decreased risk of accidents, no tripping up over loose wires or being buried alive under paperwork. Think of all the benefits!

Top Tip No.2 Be Mindful
I know i know you’re probably fed up with that word by now but meditation and awareness can increase IQ and reduce levels of depression. Higher IQ means more focus and ability when it comes to your work. So less accidents! Win Win! Check out our blog on mindfulness here.

Top Tip No.3 Take a Walk

Remember that sunshine we mentioned? Well I know we don’t like to think about it when we’re stuck inside but taking regular short breaks can help to refocus your mind and relax you. Sunshine is proven to help boost serotonin levels which improves mood. So instead of rushing to make that fifth cup of coffee take a five minute walk in the fresh air. And check out this blog to see the full health benefits of using your brakes wisely..

Top Tip No.4
And now for our final stress busting tip of the week….. You Are What You Eat.
I’m definitely not going to tell you to stay away from cupcakes (food for the soul) but how you start your day has a knock on effect for how you feel throughout the rest of the day. Get enough of the right nutrients and drinking plenty of water are can really make a difference. Check out this BBC Good Food article for ways to combat stress through simple food choices.